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The War in Ukraine

Man, wait until you guys find out what is happening with the MCDVs.
MCDV version of this?
From 2016, by a Russiam talking about internally aimed special propoganda. Seems a lot like what has been happening for the last 8 years or so in North America.

You know for I was actually amazed by the actual amount of hardware they've managed to pack into her. She's what 950 tonnes?
Of course all tied up to dock during wartime doesn't strike me as particularly safe or smart.
While very heavily armed, these are not deep sea fighting vessels. They are designed to perform the task they are currently performing with little to no damage control capability if they take a hit from a drone. They can fall back under the cover of land based defences to reload, refuel and rest.

They are not launching and recovering huge ASW helicopters, providing continuous air defence, surface strike, ASW, surveillance and other missions 10,000 kms from home port with only an occasional fill up from a tanker and a weekend port call every 3 weeks.

It is true though that the western navies are not put enough emphasis on magazine and silo capacity, and the idea that every strike will be a pin point strike - in an age of massive drone swarms and volley fired missiles, is a bit of a problem.

The Russians are using these missile corvettes more as a nuisance and terror weapon. No battles have been won or lost because of them, no objectives taken BUT sea lanes and maritime traffic have been denied.
The AOPS is so new they are still making them.

The Kingston class was at one point touted for mid-life refit to take it to 2045-55 but this was stopped with the suggestion a new vessel would enter service by 2020. IMHO we are always looking for new ships. One thing about weapon systems is that they can be moved to new ships as long as they are still effective for the role.

Honestly, I think that the CAF compromises itself out of viable system due to not having a sellable vision beyond peacetime. The problem is that we are, once again, already at war. We need to prepare now for its next stage. An armed MCDV is better than an unarmed one. It is much cheaper to refit an MCDV now than build a new ship. The Navy needs to convince the CDS, the MND and all of government that it has a viable plan. Wishing for new baubles a decade from now is not a viable plan.

It might be faster but not cheaper to outfit an MCDV (rather than build) with useful fighting weapons, which would only be bolt on gear (light guns, ManPad and Hellfire type missiles).
I can’t see the RCN deepening the hull and extending the length, upgrading power plant and machinery to these ships to transform them. At that point they may as well build.
Question: If a Ukrainian border guard soldier shoots a Russian soldier on the other side of the border on Russian territory using an M4 or M16 with Lake City 5.56 ammo, will the US stop all aid to Ukraine? Because, if it hasn't happened yet, it will soon with all the new Russian border activity in the north of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian "decision" constantly referred to by the Administration to be made is to use or not whatever US weapons they have on strategic targets on Russian territory KNOWING that will cause US aid to cease. Essentially a "When did you stop beating your wife?" type of question/decision.

It remains to be seen how F16's launching AMRAAM into Russian airspace will be handled. Patriots were allowed (or at least not restricted from resupply) to do so. After all if it hits the aircraft or missile in mid air so technically there was no use of an American weapon ON RUSSIAN TERRITORY. If AMRAAM is forbidden to be launched into Russian airspace, adapt Meteor long range missiles for F16 launch since the UK does allow firing into Russia.

For the F16's to be relevant at all, they need to be able to take out Russian aircraft, drones and missiles. They would not be effective in CAS for if it is too dangerous for an A10 to do true CAS then an F16 sure as hell can't do it better/safer.

F16's could probably survive JDAM drops on the Kirch bridge and troop/ammo concentrations. As long as Russian air defense is suppressed - so SEAD and DEAD hardware and F16 taskings will be needed. But that is not really CLOSE air support.
Saw reports last night of an S-400 battery being destroyed (launchers, RADAR and command vehicle) and the video is - neat - 6 missile launches (defensive) then ATACMS strike(s) then a very burned out field afterwards with multiple vehicles smashed....

SEAD Is now happening...
Looks more like D.E.A.D. to me 🤣
Both funny AND accurate...

From Wikipedia...
Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses (DEAD) is used to reference physical destruction of air defense targets, while SEAD applies to sorties which discourage enemy use of their air-defense radar assets out of fear of placing the assets in jeopardy.
Goodby Russian MOD Africa Corps. Life was good. Death is final.
A series of editorials discussing the political infighting within the Russian power structure from an insider now in exile.

BLUF the KGB is consolidating power and is in the process of decapitating the Army (the only real threat to Putin). This should be to Ukraines advantage given how vertical the power structure in the army is.