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Teletext Terrorist

That is brilliant!


I actually thought was a real report for the first few seconds.  What show is that from ?

I'll have some spare time in an hour...I'll see if I can track the source.  If this clip is that funny I would love to see who does it and what else they have done.  ;D
No luck...

Its on several sites that post clips, including Google, TV mania and quite a few others.  Looks like it was first put out about five months ago and then proliferated all over the place after that. 

Several comments implied it was an 'old' clip, but nobody stated from what show.  Other comments labelled it as 'Python-like' material, but Im a big fan of the MP group and have never seen this before.   

If anyone else can help, I would still like to know.
Man that was amazing lol truly funny just what I needed before I go into work tonight