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Military Police branch will receive their new 9 mm service pistol in 2024: the C24

Funny you sound mention that, back in mid-December 2023 a RFP for a new pistol for the RCMP was published with a closing date at 08 March 2024.

The tender can be found here:

RFP for RCMP Pistol Modernization

Attached are:
Annex B - Statement of Work,
Annex C - Statement of Requirements, and
Annex D - Mandatory Technical & Rated Criteria

The following for statement from Annex B I thought interesting:

The GBA+ thing is mainly about the trigger weight of our current pistol (12lbs) and its consequences for cadets and members with smaller hands or weaker grip strength. I'll let your piece together on your own who that is. If they're going to use it to get us a modern combat pistol with RDS and weapon light instead of the 30 year old completely obsolete junk we carry now that's cobbled together out of spare parts, hopes and dreams I'm all for it.

I've been following our RFIs and now the RFP closely since it came out, there's a thread in the RCMP forum if you want to dip into my musings on that.
So part of the GBA + that was done for the Canadian Army (and MP) pistol was measuring the hands of people and then having different size frames so that those soldiers (of all genders) can safely and effectively use the pistol if they require a larger or smaller frame than the standard frame.
I've recently heard that GBA+ studies are transphobic because they insinuate body characteristics are relative to gender :unsure:
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