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Hamas invaded Israel 2023

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The large number of rockets is one thing, but the ground incursions are very significant. Speaks to a long planning horizon and very good security. Footage is always questionable, but I’ve seen at least one clip of a Merkava on fire with a crowd around it.
Seeing unconfirmed reports that Israeli BGen Aloni was captured at his home and possibly removed to the Gaza.
Holy shit. What seems to be more or less confirmed:
  • Several Merkava tanks taken out including by drone dropped munitions.
  • Israeli crew pulled alive out of an overrun Merkava.
  • Some Israeli crew pulled seeming dead out of a Merkava.
  • At least one Merkava captured by militants.
  • At least one Israeli barracks overrun with troops killed inside.
  • Hamas militants on the ground within Sderot, some civilians killed.
  • At least one case of a powered paraglides being used to cross the border.
  • Hamas on the ground in multiple settlements along the border.
  • Lots and lots of rockets fired. Lots of Iron Dome internet videos.
  • Photos and videos of both OFF and Israeli civilians captured and brought back to Gaza.
  • Videos purporting to be random attacks on Israeli civilians by Hamas militants in built up areas, such as shooting up cars.
Situation is ongoing, VERY violent, and it’s clear there was a massive intelligence failure. I think based on some of the above that Hamas likely has quite a number of military and civilian hostages under their control. There are reports of an Israeli military base being overrun, and of Hamas fighters n the ground in at least one settlement over 10km past the border.

Israel’s gonna go full Israel. The backlash and retaliation is gonna be terrible.
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Sorry, my point above should have said “civilians and IDF captured and brought back to Gaza”.

To update, that appears to include a captured Israeli ‘depth corps’ commander BGen Nimrod Aloni whose corps includes responsibility for much of Israel’s special operations. That’s an incredibly bold move by Hamas. That poor bastard is probably having an unimaginably bad time right now.
Death toll on both sides is rising significantly.

Unknown amount of Israeli civilians and IDF captured.

Over 1k Hammas militants inside Israel (IDF promising they will all be dead by sunset)

All on the 50year anniversary of the Yom Kippur War
From what I am seeing on the news there seems to have been a massive intelligence failure and that Hamas is getting more sophisticated in its coordination.
Well Hamas, play stupid games...
It’s going to be a lot wider than just Hamas with the retribution that is coming.

The US has been successfully holding Israel back from pasting Iran, I don’t think we will be able (or want?) to hold them back any further.