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CT-114 Tutor

Sure, but that’s a very different thing than what the Snowbirds/Red Arrows/Thunderbirds/Blue Angels do.

One plane doing passes at 500’ isn’t nearly as impressive as those routines, IMO.
Oh ye of little faith - that one pass was awesome though.
What’s the healing time for a hairline fracture? Surely can’t be all summer.
Scaphoid? 2 years+ if it didn't set properly the first time. Ask me how I know.
THE B1B enters the chat - one pass at low speed wings swept forward and sometime later wings back throttles pinned and about 500 feet AGL - that is too fucking cool. AND DID I MENTION REALLLLLYYY LOUD?
I remember the AVRO Vulcan coming to the Toronto Air Show a couple of times. Coming in low then performing a sharp climb. They had a distinctive howl and were also very loud.