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For most of Canada’s history, the high arctic has been a mysterious frontier. The north was a land of legends, the setting for many true tales of exploration, heroism and tragedy, but not otherwise part of the day to day experience of Canadians. Great distances from the settled regions and a harsh climate contributed to the isolation of the north, and so long as these were the dominant factors of northern life, Canadians were content to ignore the arctic. Things have changed since the late 1980’s, and we can no longer afford to ignore our northern frontier.

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Well Done, Sir

The Ruxted Group wishes former MND Gordon O'Connor well.

We have taken him – and his colleagues, especially Prime Minister Harper – to task for failing to communicate the raison d'être of the Afghanistan mission to Canadians, thereby securing their support for the mission. To the extent that the government did communicate the task was too often left to Minister O'Connor alone. He did his best but it was not good enough.

Minister O'Connor served the armed forces well – as an officer and as a politician. The military is getting thousands of new people; Gordon O'Connor steered the requirement and the money through cabinet in competition with many other government priorities. The military is getting much needed new equipment. Gordon O'Connor took on some projects started by his predecessors and saw them to fruition. He started other important projects and managed them to approval and now new kit, necessary kit, is being delivered. Well done, Mister O'Connor! Continue reading " Well Done, Sir"

Begone, Ms. Chambers!

Outrage is too weak a word to describe The Ruxted Group’s reaction to the attitude and words of Mary Anne Chambers, Ontario's Minister of Children and Youth Services. Ms. Chamers is quoted, in the 1 Mar 07 edition of the Globe and Mail, as saying, that unacceptably long wait times for psychotherapy for CFB Petawawa area children whose parents are serving in Afghanistan are “a direct consequence of federal government initiatives.” In other words: this is a federal Tory war so we, provincial Liberals, will delay health service for Ontario children – the children of Ontario taxpayers – for partisan political reasons. Continue reading "Begone, Ms. Chambers!"