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A continuing failure to communicate

In his autobiography1 former Clerk of the Privy Council Gordon Robertson, who directly served Canadian Prime Ministers King, St Laurent, Diefenbaker, Pearson and Trudeau – often in the most senior positions, said: “St Laurent’s administration from 1949 to 1956 probably gave Canada the most consistently good, financially responsible, trouble-free government the country has had in its entire history, before as well as after Confederation.”

Prior to giving Canada outstanding leadership as its prime minister, Louis S St Laurent was, arguably, its best ever foreign minister. He, along with Dean Acheson of the USA, was, in Acheson’s words, ‘present at the creation’ of the United Nations, NATO and the Colombo Pact (Canada’s version of the Marshall Plan which, in large measure, made Asian success stories like India, Malaysia and Singapore possible). Canada, with St Laurent as either foreign affairs minister or prime minister, was a leader in forming the UN, NATO and the Colombo Plan. Continue reading "A continuing failure to communicate"