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Little Canada

Over the past several weeks, Ruxted has commented on the world-view of some politicians, journalists and academics who advocate withdrawal from the mission in Afghanistan (and by extension non-participation in other high risk, high payoff missions around the world) as being the vision of “Little Canada.”

“Little Canada” is the home of a greedy and timorous people who hoard their wealth and good fortune while mouthing platitudes about “solidarity”, “morality” and a “responsibility to protect”. When challenged directly to explain how Canada should assist the people of Afghanistan and other unfortunate nations of the world, no coherent answer is offered.

Senator Hugh Segal has now presented a proposal to change Canada’s role in Afghanistan. Replacing Canada’s ground forces in Afghanistan with naval and air assets seems motivated by the wish to end Canadian ground combat operations in Afghanistan. On the surface it is a logical application of high technology; in fact it is a breathtakingly ineffective use of resources that seems destined to create the conditions for failure in Afghanistan and beyond. The logic is beyond the ken of Ruxted, and frankly we are astounded that a member of the Red Chamber would propose something so sophomoric. We believe the Conservative senator, like so many of his colleagues in parliament, has put partisan electoral politics ahead of the national interest. Continue reading "Little Canada"