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Afghanistan Post-2009

In a Recent Globe and Mail column Christie Blatchford succinctly describes a strategy the Government of Canada needs to make its own. She quotes Canadian Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team (OMLT) commander Lieutenant Colonel Wayne Eyre as saying, “We're teaching them to function on their own … we've got to create something that's going to last after we depart. And we have to leave some time." That sums up the next phase of Canada’s military mission: helping the Afghans build lasting security as a preparatory step to securing the victory and bringing the troops home.

It is evident that there will be no consensus in Canada’s parliament
for continuing the current commitment of a battle group in combat
operations in Kandahar, despite the fact that this is a just war, as we have said,
a good war. Too few politicians have any real concern for Canada’s
vital interests – not compared to gaining short term political
Despite the overblown political rhetoric, most Canadians want to
continue helping with Afghan development, they want us to keep the
commitment we made to the Afghans. The work Canadians want to do is
being done by CIDA and the military Provincial Reconstruction Team
(PRT) in Kandahar, but it must be clear that unless the Canadian battle
group is replaced by another which is just as capable then the Taliban
and the other insurgents will prevent that.

Few NGOs are willing to go
to Kandahar to do their good works even with one of the toughest, most
effective military forces in the world providing the security. The few
who are there will cut and run if the Canadian battle group is replaced
with a less capable force – as most ISAF forces will be.
The Canadian Forces and Canadian diplomats, aid workers and police
officers can win the war in Afghanistan but we are very likely to be
defeated in Canada, by Canadians – if we are forced to withdraw. We can
win if the mission evolves – as most military planners apparently think
it is doing – but we cannot win if we run away and hide.
If the Parliament of Canada refuses to renew the combat mission then
the best possible solution is for the British, or someone very like
them, to move in to Kandahar to pick up the combat role and for Canada
to radically expand its PRT and OMLT. Both need increased combat power:
the PRT needs more combat power to protect its project teams and the
OMLT needs formed sub-units to integrate into and work with the Afghan kandaks
(battalion sized units) to continue to strengthen their effectiveness
so that, sooner rather than later, they can carry most of the security
burden in Kandahar – without too much Canadian help. There is an old
saying about nothing succeeding like success. Our mission will be
accomplished when the Afghan national Army (ANA) succeeds.

It is more
likely to do that sooner if it has some integral Canadian combat
support – maybe artillery, tank, engineer, infantry, reconnaissance and
command/control communications support.
There are also plenty of functions inside the wire at Kandahar Airfield
which should stay in place to support the Canadians PRT and mentors and
the Afghan National Army units.
We need to reduce the total numbers in Afghanistan so that we have
adequate numbers of military personnel available in Canada for the 2010
Winter Olympics. At the same time we need to integrate our forces more
tightly with the ANA and we need to improve the cooperation between a
better trained ANA and a steadily improving, Canadian mentored Afghan
National Police (ANP) in Kandahar. In essence we need a combined AFCAN
brigade – mostly ANA units with a few hundred Canadians, in formed
combat sub units and as individuals, ‘seeded’ throughout the
headquarters staffs, combat units and logistics units. Our soldiers
need to ‘live rough’ with the Afghans – depending upon a much smaller
National Support Element (NSE). But: our sophisticated equipment still
needs to be supported and maintained; the fuel and ammunition need to
flow; and excellent medical care – from rifle platoon medic through to
base hospital - needs to be available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
An educated guess is that we could do the job, in and after 2009, with
1,500 troops in the AFCAN brigade, the PRT and the national Command and
Support Elements.

There will still be fighting; there will still be
casualties; but the cause is just and the war is winnable. Initially,
in 2009/2010 we will still have tanks and LAVs in theatre. Gradually,
as the ANA improves – as it can improve under firm tutelage – our heavy
weapons and combat soldiers will come home, followed, later, by light
infantry soldiers and combat service support personnel and the command
and control elements.
Prime Minister Harper should tell parliament that he will not seek a
resolution to extend the current combat mission past February 2009; he
should tell NATO that, too. He should also tell Canada’s parliament and
NATO that, subject to NATO providing acceptable security forces in
Kandahar, Canada will beef up both its PRT and OMLT to conduct the next
phase of its mission – the phase focused on strengthening the Afghans’
abilities to manage their own affairs in their own way.


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arctic_front on :

I am growing weary, very weary, of this groups continued call for is pre-mature, ill-advised and strategically foolish to cut-and-run. We are at a tipping point. To abandon the mission now is tantamount to predicting failure when things are looking up. Are our troops's sacrifices so easily dis-regarded? Is the measure of success and commitment so easily down-graded to political whims? It is a national SHAME that our fighting men and women who risk SO much to achieve lasting results there is reduced to such a pathetic showing of opinion polls, and temporary partisian gain. I am horrified by the lack of long-term thinking of the 'left'....and equally horrified by the lack of leadership by the Government to take the 'high road' on this issue. Our men and women in the military are making us proud every day by their valliant actions and deeds to make the people of Afghanistan better-off. Our soldiers are doing everything 'right' to achieve these goals......they are brave, moral and dedicated in their application of their duties, against terrible odds, and the real risk of death and injury. They embody all that is good about Canada. God bless them, and keep them safe.

Tough jobs require tough measures. Our soldiers are fighting the 'good' fight. They deserve our respect and our admiration. They are not war-criminals or savages. They are fighting an ideology of repression, senseless violence and subjugation. Our enemy is based on 17th century thinking. They are not 'modern' people......they are savages. They are people all too willing to kill inocents to achieve an objective based on an out-dated ideology of control and subjugation. Individual rights or freedoms are their target. Submit or die is their mantra. They don't want to co-exsist with us......they wan't nothing less than our surrender. The 'moderate' muslim is a myth. Their religion is not one of peace, but only one of surrender.

Time to wake-up......time to counter this oppressive religion that is not at all accommidating of other's........time to make a stand........time to say "enough is enough'.....

Islam is NOT a religion of never was, and is not today. They don't accept compromise.....neither should you. Either submit to Islam, or fight it......there is no 'soft' middle ground.

Bob Brooksbank on :

NEW EVIDENCE as to who is actually responsible for the 911 WTC attacks that started this whole Afghanistan invasion. Go to and search 911. Watch and Wake.

Then bring our boys home !

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